Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love those Bruins....and their caps!

Three cheers to the diehard Boston Bruins (and now IRONHEAD) fans from the Cornelius Hardenbergh hockey blog.
They sure love the cool "stay hungry" caps the Bruins commissioned IRONHEAD to make.
Read all about it here.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Don't mess with these IRONHEAD fans!

"FightFit is headed by Terence Fowler and Wayne Wells. The 1200 square foot facility in St.Catharines, ON houses physical conditioning through one-on-one boxing training and kickboxing."

"Terence is a former Canadian amateur and professional boxer who has completed 3 marathons in Dublin, New York, and Athens, Greece. Wayne is a certified personal trainer, holds a 4th degree Japanese Jiu Jitsu standing and is a former competitive kickboxer. They welcome anyone who has an interest in sculpting and blasting their bodies to their fittest. Visit them at www.fightfit.org."

Rangers Jacket by IRONHEAD

Though they were not as fortunate this season as last when they were OHL champions,
The Kitchener Rangers looked terrific in their IRONHEAD jackets.
Inspired by the bravery of Canadian veterans and coinciding with the poppy sweaters worn by the team for remembrance day, the "Valour" jacket features a vintage "ranger" graphic on the sleeve and valour emblazoned on the back.
A terrific jacket and full marks for The Rangers in choosing IRONHEAD again for their gear.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Great friend of IRONHEAD Brad May recently had his 1000th NHL game and was honoured by the Toronto Maple Leafs with a special pregame ceremony. Brad can be found regularly sporting a wide range of IRONHEAD gear and is seen here being interviewed with his favourite post game cutman cap.
Not to be outdone, Boston Bruins Shawn Thornton can also be seen with his own cap!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Here are the Schott Brothers, Snap and Slap. Don't they look like champions in their IRONHEAD gear?