Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Mouseketeers?

Great things made of threes: triangles, strikeouts, ringed binders, shots from beyond the arc, relationships (?). Not sure what exact "three" classification this majestic trio falls into, but, uh, they're a good-looking group, especially the dude in the IH garb. Say hi to Todd, Jeremy, and Dean, everybody!

More of One Life: No Regrets

Here are a couple more stills from the set of One Life: No Regrets. That's Canadian music icon Paul Hyde (of Payolas/Rock & Hyde fame) saddling up with his guitar. In the other shot, co-producer Michael Collins, despite being such a great guy, looks hopelessly overshadowed by director/producer Patrick Stark's riveting red Ironhead ensemble. Mind you, we've been accused of being biased before...perspectives just a little skewed...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Life: No Regrets

If ever there were a great idea, it would read and sound something like this: One Life: No Regrets. Filmmaker Patrick Stark's documented journey to perform with U2 is unlike any other. Check him/it out on YouTube or on his website ( And be sure to check him out here looking like a million bucks in his Ironhead tees, appropriately dressed alongside such music icons as Prism's Al Harlow and Jim Byrnes.

The Von Trapps

The Von Trapp family of The Sound of Music had nothing on this family. We count (hey, maybe we're optimistic) 36 Ironheads from 17 different generations, all comfortably fashionable in their IH gear. Rumour has it that while on vacation for a milestone family birthday, these Von Trapps turned down an offer to star in their own Broadway musical...